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                                             Code of Conduct

The people you train with are integral to the development of your craft and the ongoing improvement of your skills. Without quality training partners you cannot refine your skills to a high level. Treat your training partners the way you would like to be treated.


The instructors reserve the right to refuse instruction and cancel membership to any person they deem unsuitable to the practice of Silentium Wrestling for inappropriate behaviour or other applicable reasons.

Since all Silentium Wrestling classes begin and end in silent sitting, please arrive early before your class and conduct yourself quietly and respectfully so as not to overly disturb those sitting in the Silentium quiet repose. Follow the Code of Conduct and Wrestling Rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable training environment for all participants.

Always respect all instructors and training partners.

Enter and move about the Silentium Wrestling class location quietly and respectfully.

Absolutely no Fighting or bullying. If you feel harassed or threatened please alert the instructor during or immediately after class, or telephone, email or text your head instructor as soon as possible. Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed at Silentium Wrestling and any form of harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated at Silentium Wrestling.

No swearing, spitting or loud behaviour.

No participating in training whilst under the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Always keep toenails and fingernails trimmed and neat.


Wear clean, respectable and appropriate clothing in good working order for training to every class.  * Outline of apparel is listed at the bottom of this page. 

No jewellery to be worn on the mats. 

Be responsible and keep a high level of personal hygiene.


Present to all training and classes clean and with a suitable deodorant.


Bring a towel and change of shirt for excessive sweating.

Alert Silentium Wrestling management to any change in your health status.

There is to be no recruitment or soliciting for religious or other spiritual groups whilst attending Silentium Wrestling classes by any practitioner, instructor or visitor.

                                            Health Guidelines

To protect and ensure the ongoing health and safety of all Silentium Wrestlers, it is important to clarify and outline the minimisation of risk to any blood-borne pathogens, other disease exposure and preventable injury. 

All wrestling mats and equipment used during Silentium Wrestling practice are maintained in top working order and cleaned and sanitised before and after each training session. 

It is important that you have completed and signed the health questionnaire in the welcome pack and presented a copy to Silentium Wrestling management. You will not be permitted to wrestle without doing so.

It is important that you:


Maintain a strict level of personal hygiene.

It is appreciated by all participants that if you are sick or unwell you avoid training and stay home until you have fully recovered.

COVID-19: It is important to understand that you agree that you have no COVID-19 symptoms, have not visited any currently known hotspots, and are not awaiting results of a COVID-19 test. If you have any of these, you agree to stay away from training until you are fully cleared of any possibility of the virus. If you’ve been training at Silentium Wrestling and at any time suspect any of the above, you will let Silentium Wrestling Management know of the possibility of infection or exposure, so that appropriate action can be taken with all members in response. 


Make sure all wrestling apparel is washed and clean before every session. Your wrestling uniform must be in good working order. Training apparel that is torn or worn out may present a hazard to yourself and other wrestlers and therefore must be replaced at your own expense.


Attend all classes with clean trimmed fingernails and toenails.       


You must wear a well-fitting mouthguard to wrestle.

Hand sanitiser is available for use before, during and after training.

Ensure you have enough water to drink and stay hydrated during Silentium Wrestling practice.  Drink breaks are provided over the course of training sessions.


If you or your training partner are bleeding, leave the mats immediately and alert the present instructor. The present instructor will be in possession of a first aid kit with which to assist you.


If you or your training partner are injured stop wrestling immediately and alert the present instructor.

A natural, pleasant deodorant and brushed teeth are both appreciated by your fellow wrestlers.

You must alert Silentium Wrestling management to any change in your health status.

Pregnancy: Please let your instructor know that you are pregnant and at what stage or trimester if you intend to train. Some warm-ups, strength and conditioning and stand-up drills can be safely practiced, but no free-wrestling or taking falls is permitted at any stage of pregnancy.


* Participants who act against the Code of Conduct, Wrestling Rules or Health Guidelines, as started above may be warned, sent off the mats or expelled from the class immediately at the present head instructor’s discretion.

 * Apparel
Mouthguard is compulsory.  

Acceptable international standard Chinese style wrestling (Shuai Jiao) jacket Black or Black/Red Reversible. 

Standard issued belt-black or red in colour only. All belts are to be issued by and purchased from Silentium Wrestling management only. NOTE: There is no belt ranking system in Silentium Wrestling.

Short or long sleeve rash guard.

Fight or grappling shorts. Alternatively; long Shuai Jiao or traditional martial arts training pants cuffed at the ankles.
No zips, buttons or pockets permitted on clothing.

No Jewellery whilst training.

A protective groin cup or 'box' is optional.

All clothing and uniforms must be clean and in good working order. Ripped and worn clothing offers a potential hazard to your training partner and yourself.    

PLEASE NOTE: You will be instructed on what to wear to your first class after you contact and book your initial training session.

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