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Member since 2019

"As someone interested in being strong and centred, physically and mentally I find Silentium Wrestling brings it all together. The sessions are part physical and part spiritual and I always leave feeling improved, inside and out. Plus, I love the friends and deep connections I've made there. They're good people that have taught me a lot. I'm starting to share my knowledge with new members also which is a wonderful circle to be part of."

F.S. Member since 2018

"I’ve been training with Silentium since 2018 and couldn’t recommend Geoff’s teaching more. The balance of spiritual meditation and the physical wrestling ensures a workout for both your mind and body. I love working on new techniques and improving them week to week in both a training and practical application. A great class atmosphere for all levels of experience!"


Member since 2019

"I'm really enjoying training with the silentium wrestling crew. I look forward to the stillness and meditation "warm up" every week. The wrestling practice itself is well paced for all ages and all ability levels and the techniques and drills are fun and practical to apply. Geoff is a very knowledgeable teacher who has a great depth of experience in the martial arts. I can't recommend these classes highly enough."

B.C. Member since 2021

"Silentium Wrestling is something I would highly recommend to grapplers of all ages. With hybrid throwing methods that would suit all styles of martial arts, I have personally found that the blended combination meditation and controlled combat to be a game changer. If you are battling internally or physically, this is the place to be."


Member since 2021

"Silentium Wrestling is the kind of training I have long sought. It is traditional in its foundations, but modern in its applications, borrowing the best of a number of martial arts and combining them into a practical, hybrid style of wrestling. Each session begins and ends with a period of silence which helps clear the mind. And best of all, the training group is a great bunch of people led by a very knowledgeable and approachable teacher in Geoff Sweeting."

J.C. Member since 2018

"I've always been interested in the martial way of life. I appreciate the combative nature of Silentium Wrestling that combines techniques and strategies from traditional Eastern martial arts with Western philosophical principles. The focus on mind and body helps me to maintain health and balance while juggling the responsibilities of life in modern society. Would highly recommend anyone to give it a go!"

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